Whole child development through
yoga, music, story telling,
and games

Creative Yogakids

mindgymn-yogaChildren today are under a lot of stress. They have to cope with busy schedules in an over-competitive setting, constantly engaged from one activity to another: school, tuitions, homework, music lessons, CCA, project work, tests, exams etc. As a result, it affects the child’s overall wellness. Yoga practice can be very beneficial in providing relief to children. It can improve focus, concentration, learning abilities as well as enhances health and fitness.

The Creative Yogakids at Mindgymn includes exercises, meditation, games playing and storytelling. It is an innovative yoga program that blends yoga and storytelling to make health and literacy fun for children. Based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, children will learn kinaesthetic story, story structure, thereby firing up their imagination to create and tell their own stories with Yoga poses. It is an excellent way to create balance, enhance focus and strength, and awaken their creativity in a safe learning environment.